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Розмірковуєте, де зупинитися? За відгуками гостей Las Torres Hostal, La Selenita і Hostal España – найдешевші готелі міста Сукре. Безкоштовний сервіс Skyscanner Hotels допоможе вам швидко знайти житло на час подорожі. Тут ви можете легко знайти, порівняти та забронювати житло в місті Сукре безпосередньо на веб-сайті готелю або туристичної агенції. За бронювання за допомогою нашого сервісу ми не стягуємо оплату. Щоб почати, укажіть дати подорожі в полі пошуку зверху, і ми знайдемо дешеві пропозиції готелів для вас. Або виберіть один із готелів вище.

Що мандрівники кажуть про місто Сукре?

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Kelly Paras
Kelly ParasWashington, D.C.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Sucre exudes a rich history and charm that is infectious. Set down in a lowland valley that is surrounded by mountains, the city is a maze of white and pastel buildings that center around a main plaza. The contrast of light buildings against the green/blue mountains is just stunning.

Scott Stone
Scott StoneNew York City

Sucre, the sixth largest city in Bolivia, and its constitutional capital is known as "The White City." It is called this because of its well preserved white colonial architecture. I love the main Plaza, which is very attractive ringed by towering palm trees and is always filled with an array of colorful locals selling goods. The city also has the reputation (and rightly so) for having the best Saltenus, which is a savory pastry filled with beef, pork or chicken, with egg, sometimes raisins and served with a sweet slightly spicy sauce. Sucre elevation is at 9,200 feet and seems to have a very agreeable climate.

Max Hodge
Max HodgeLondon

The nations capital is without a doubt the most picturesque of all Bolivia’s cities and well worth a visit. Grand plazas are surrounded by whitewashed buildings, well preserved churches and a dazzling array of colonial architecture. The city definitely provides a pleasant break from the hustle and bustle of other cities, truly living up to its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With a host of museums, boutique cafes and upmarket restaurants, Sucre is just what you are after if you intend to add some class and sophistication to your Bolivian journey.

Daniel Mason-D'Croz
Daniel Mason-D'CrozBrisbane

The White City, Sucre is a beautiful Spanish Colonial town. It was once at the center of the silver cash cow of the Spanish Colonial Empire with Potosi near by. There are many beautiful churches which you should visiting. Definitely check out La Recoleta with its spectacular view of the city and the surrounding mountains. Enjoy the pleasant weather, and make sure you get a salteña at el patio.

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