Madeira Island

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Розмірковуєте, де зупинитися? За відгуками гостей Vila Gale Santa Cruz, Terrace Mar Suite Hotel і Four Views Oasis – найдешевші готелі міста Madeira Island. Безкоштовний сервіс Skyscanner Hotels допоможе вам швидко знайти житло на час подорожі. Тут ви можете легко знайти, порівняти та забронювати житло в місті Madeira Island безпосередньо на веб-сайті готелю або туристичної агенції. За бронювання за допомогою нашого сервісу ми не стягуємо оплату. Щоб почати, укажіть дати подорожі в полі пошуку зверху, і ми знайдемо дешеві пропозиції готелів для вас. Або виберіть один із готелів вище.

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Jaak Treiman
Jaak TreimanLos Angeles

This volcanic, tunnel filled island half way between Portugal and the African coast is criss-crossed by irrigation ditches that are a marvel of physics and a coastline that is spectacular. For true enjoyment, skip the cruise ships, fly in and stay for a while.

João Brazão
João BrazãoLondon

Madeira is a garden. Its volcanic origin creates an awesome landscape with the peak right at the centre of the island. If you enjoy a bit of a challenge, the island is cover by paths called the Levadas, where you will be amazed by the views. They are hard to get to in case of emergency but you wont get lost if you stay on the path, also they have phone network even in the middle of the wilderness (take a torch, compact rain coat, extra food and water, good anti slip hiking boots). Madeira also offers great hotels and resorts, most of them in Funchal. You have sea access from most of them. This is a must since you don't have natural sandy beeches there. Recently a vast net of roads and tunnels was built and has made it easy to travel around the island, so make sure you get a car. there are all sorts of tourist attractions, like sailing with dolphins on a replica of a Portuguese Nau, or sliding down a road on a "basket"slay. Overall you will have an awesome time. Plus the food is great.

LitaNew York City

Portugal looks like a magical place. These are the laval pools Maderia, Portugal.

Claudio Graça
Claudio GraçaFaro

Amazing must visit words can describe this i leave you a web page with amazing offers to discover this unique paradise!! enjoy ;)

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