Yosemite National Park

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Розмірковуєте, де зупинитися? За відгуками гостей Alpine VIew, Yosemite's Scenic Wonders - 6BR/4BA Tri-Level Home і 95R The Little Creek Cabin – найдешевші готелі міста Yosemite National Park. Безкоштовний сервіс Skyscanner Hotels допоможе вам швидко знайти житло на час подорожі. Тут ви можете легко знайти, порівняти та забронювати житло в місті Yosemite National Park безпосередньо на веб-сайті готелю або туристичної агенції. За бронювання за допомогою нашого сервісу ми не стягуємо оплату. Щоб почати, укажіть дати подорожі в полі пошуку зверху, і ми знайдемо дешеві пропозиції готелів для вас. Або виберіть один із готелів вище.

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Deepak Lifecntstop
Deepak LifecntstopАбу-Дабі

Location Located in California state, 2-3 hours drive from San Francisco. Experience One of the largest national park in US, spread in a huge land. There are several entrances for the park it depends which direction you are coming from. The moment you enter the park you will find yourself in a totally different world just 2.5 hours from San Francisco City to this place there are two different worlds. Beautiful landscape waterfalls forests all so beautiful around u. You feel like in the laps of nature. Waterfalls are the most amazing things to watch. You can do the hiking as well if you want to reach some of the high spots to have the better view of the waterfall there are guided tours as well for that. The place is really amazing for the camping, u get ur stuff and u are all set for the fun. There is a tunnel, I exactly cant tell u which entrance u should take for that but luckily we entered from there and the guard at the entrance specially told us about that. The moment we crossed the tunnel it was a jawdropping view from there oh my goodness gracious. Just stay there for a while take lots of picture and carry on. The entrance for the park is 20-30$ per person its a whole day pass, keep the tickets safe just in case u go out of the park so u can get in again, otherwise u have to pay again. We saw deers on the way, There are caution boards on the way saying drive carefully the deers might pass and jump. Overaal an excellent experience. The place is perfect for the wildlife or nature lover. Services There are several hotels hotels within the national park and few are outside the park as well. So if u have plans to stay there is a place to stay. There is a shopping mart as well inside the park and a huge parking area, you can buy food soveniers and almost everything u needed there. All and all a really great place to be worth spending each moment and each dollar u spend. I hope this will be helpful for you.

Seth C
Seth C

Enjoy the beautiful views and endless trails! If you have it in you take the trip up half dome.

Julia P
Julia PЛондон

It's an amazing park. Don't be put off by the reports of it being crowded. Just go and walk a little away from the main attractions in the Valley.

Kevin Picholo
Kevin PicholoFoster City

Yosemite National Park is one of the most visited in California for its natural wonders. I've been here many times but still havn't explored all parts of it. I usually go in summer for weekend hikes for the amazing views.

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Найдешевший місяць – листопад. Середня вартість житла складає 9 778 грн. за добу. Найдорожчий місяць для проживання в місті Yosemite National Parkсерпень. Середня вартість житла в цей період складає 14 855 грн. за добу.
листопад минулого року: у середньому номер у цьому готелі коштував 10 593 грн. за добу. Це на 14% менше середньої ціни (12 108 грн.) за останні 12 місяців.
У місті Yosemite National Park середня температура в місяці листопад дорівнює 12,9°C/55,1°F. липень – зазвичай найтепліший місяць із середньою температурою 37,4°C/99,3°F. грудень – найхолодніший місяць із середньою температурою 2,8°C/37,0°F.
Найближчий аеропорт до міста Yosemite National ParkМаттат-Лейкс (MMH) (60,60 км).

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